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About Us

Brings the World Trends to You
Gündüz Textiles, which started its activities in ready-to-wear and apparel sector by contract trousers manufacturing with its team of 10 people in Çağlayan in 1985, not only created its own brand today but also provides services to both leading ready-to-wear companies in Turkey as well as contract, collection and package programme services to prominent customers abroad.

Keeps up the quality with its equipment, staff and management system
The factory of the company extended to a 1000 sqm area in Kagıthane district in Istanbul has machinery equipped with cutting-edge technology by following the developments around the world.

A professional team of 70 people with expertise in quality management works to ensure quality, fast production, on-time delivery and customer satisfaction. The company staff is supported via vocational trainings and achieves a significant success with a capacity of manufacturing 700 high quality trousers daily.
Not Only in Turkey but also in Europe, Asia and Africa…

The company offers its collections, contract goods and package orders not only within Turkey but also in such countries as Italy, the UK, Germany, Greece, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine in Europe; Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia in Asia and Egypt in Africa.

ZAGAZZO brand...
The company attaches important to brand and branding which means both quality and recognition around the world recently and since 2010 the company started wholesaling with its men’s wear brand ZAGAZZO which creates unique designs. Although atan ZAGAZZO started with trousers making, upon strong demand, it started including t-shirt, knitwear, shirts, coats and suits in its collections.

With its style ZAGAZZO addresses to the educated, modern man of today’s world who loves himself and loves dressing.

Taking firm steps forward Gündüz Textiles keeps its commitment to being among the leading companies of textiles, ready-to-wear, apparel and fashion industries in Turkey.


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